Jack knifed tractor trailer in Little Britain.


August 7, 2023
Approximate time: 1921
Weather Conditions: Severe storms

Contacted to respond to Route 272 and King Pen Road to the scene of a multi commercial vehicle accident. We were advised that we were responding for a tractor trailer tanker that was jack knifed and leaking fuel.

Based upon the information we were given, a recovery supervisor, one of our heavy duty sliding rotators, a tractor to repower the trailer, a heavy wrecker, and Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration were dispatched to the scene.

While enroute to the scene we were also contacted by the trucking company requesting us to respond to the same incident.

Our units encountered several downed trees and wires enroute to the scene and had to detour to get to the scene.

Upon arrival of the recovery supervisor, he immediately requested that a second rotator be dispatched to the scene and access the scene from the north side.

The unit was completely blocking the roadway. The trailer was wedged between trees/shrubs at both the front and rear. The tractor was leaking fuel and was partially off the roadway.

Both of the rotators backed into the scene upon their arrivals. One of the rotators hooked to the front of the trailer to lift it clear of the tractor. The other rotator hooked to the rear of the trailer to bring it clear of the obstructions at the back end of the trailer. The trailer was lifted clear of the tractor and other obstructions. While this was being done, NR&SR was working to contain the fuel spill along with drilling and pumping the fuel tanks.

Once the tanks were pumped, the rotator at the rear of the trailer re-rigged and lifted the front of the tractor away from the shrubs, out of the ditch and back onto the roadway. The heavy wrecker had backed into position and began hooking to the rear of the damaged tractor. The damaged tractor was moved from the immediate area, the heavy wrecker then finished preparing to tow it from the scene. The trailer was rotated into position that our tractor could hook to it and move it from the immediate area.

We then met with NR&SR, who advised a large amount of fuel was off the roadway in the ditch. Their vac unit had been dispatched to the scene in order to remove the fuel that was laying on top of the ground prior to it leaching into the ground. At this point, the damaged truck and trailer were transported from the accident scene to our facility.

The recovery supervisor and one of the rotators remained onscene to work with NR&SR and oversee the clean-up operation.

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