Tractor trailer stuck on bridge in Little Britain.


Contacted to respond to 90 Camp Rd for a tractor trailer that was stuck. Upon arrival, found that the trailer had struck the guard rail at the bridge. The trailer was entangled in the guard rail. There was not enough room on the bridge for the wrecker to access the situation from the Lloyds Road end.

The heavy wrecker had to go around the block and back in from Pine Grove Road, which was an approximate 1 mile back. Once the heavy wrecker was backed into the scene, rigging was connected to the back of the trailer. The trailer was lifted and moved sideways clear of the guard rail. Once clear of the rail, our operator was able to drive the unit across the bridge. The unit appeared to have very minimal damage to the side skirting of the trailer and was driven from the scene.

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February 22, 2019


Approximate time: 2102Weather Conditions: Clear Contacted by the Pennsylvania State…