Vehicle off the roadway in Salisbury


January 6, 2024
Approximate time: 1328
Weather Conditions: Snow / Ice

Contacted to respond to Route 741 and Old Strasburg Rd for a multi vehicle accident involving a vehicle off the roadway in a ditch. Based upon the information we were given and photos from the scene, two rollbacks and one of our long reach sliding rotator recovery units were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, a Penske van, Nissan Murano and a Mercedes SUV were found to be involved in the collision. The Penske van was drivable. The Murano was sitting in the roadway. The Mercedes was off the roadway and down into an underground culvert opening.

Straps were connected to the wheels of the Mercedes. The rotator hooked to the straps, the Mercedes was lifted up out of the culvert, extreme caution had to be used due to the overhead electric lines. The rotator set the Mercedes directly onto the bed of one of the rollbacks.

The Murano was loaded onto the other rollback. Both vehicles were transported to Null’s.

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