Tractor trailer accident in West Nottingham


July 27, 2023
Approximate time: 1705
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted for an owners request to respond to Route 272 and Woodland Dr for an accident involving a tractor trailer with front end damage. The driver advised that it was a frameless dump trailer that was loaded and had non load bearing landing gear. PSP advised that there were fluids on the roadway from the tractor trailer.

Based upon the information we were given, one of our sliding rotator recovery units, a heavy wrecker, truck tractor, traffic control unit, and Incident Response Unit were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, the unit was off the side of the roadway. The unit was hooked to and moved off of the roadway. The traffic unit worked with fire police to allow traffic to flow through the accident scene. The IRU worked to clean up the coolant and oil that was on the roadway. Absorbents were spread, swept, and picked up. The absorbents and fluids were placed into a DOT salvage transport drum.

Once off the roadway, the rotator lifted and held the trailer while the heavy wrecker pulled the tractor out from under the trailer. Our tractor then backed under and connected to the trailer. The damaged tractor and trailer were transported to our secure storage yard. Our tractor was left under the trailer until the trucking company arrived with a replacement trailer.

A huge thank you to the Union Fire Company No. 1 of Oxford Fire Police for their help with traffic control! As always, it is greatly appreciated!

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