Multi commercial vehicle accident on Route 41.


Property Damage and Liability Cleanup

September 8, 2023
Approximate time: 1622
Weather conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Gap Newport Pike between Ridge View Rd and Highland Rd for a multi commercial vehicle accident. We were advised that a moving truck, FedEx truck, and a work truck pulling a large trailer were involved in the collision. We were also advised that there were fluids leaking on the roadway.

Based upon the information we were given, two of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units, a heavy wrecker, and two rollbacks were dispatched to the scene. Additionally, Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration was dispatched for the spill and their traffic control units.

Upon arrival, NR&SR’s traffic control unit was directed to Routes 10 and 41 to close Route 41 northbound as the roadway was completely blocked. NR&SR also went to work cleaning up the spill.

A northbound Freightliner moving truck struck a line of traffic, striking a Jutland deck over trailer that was hooked to a Ram dual wheeled work truck, the force of the impact snapped the hitch assembly off of the ram pushing the trailer up under the back of the Ram, the back of the Ram was now sitting on top of the trailer. The Ram and trailer was also pushed forward into the back of a FedEx truck. The FedEx truck sustained damage but was able to be driven from the scene. The front end of the Freightliner was entangled in the back end of the trailer.

One of the rotators was moved into position to lift the rear of the Ram off of the trailer. One of the rollbacks moved into position to winch the Ram forward once it was lifted. Straps were placed through the back wheels of the Ram and it was lifted. Once lifted, NR&SR cut the safety chains and part of the rear frame of the Ram to allow it to separate from the trailer. The Ram was loaded onto one of the rollbacks and secured for transport from the scene.

The recovery effort then focused on separating the Freightliner from the trailer. One of the rotators lifted the back of the trailer in attempt to get it off of the front of the Freightliner. It was quickly noted that they truck and trailer were entangled worse than initially thought. At this point, NR&SR was requested to cut the hood off of the Freightliner to allow better access to assess the level of entanglement. It was found that the Freightliner’s frame was wedged under the trailer’s frame, part of the engine was up through the floor of the trailer. Due to the severity of damage to the rear of the trailer it was determined that relief cuts would be made to the trailer to allow the trailer to flex which was believed it would allow the engine to come free from the trailer. At this point, NR&SR was requested to makes several relief cuts to the back of the trailer. While this was being done, the second rotator was being repositioned to the back of the Freightliner to reach over top of the truck’s body and lift the engine clear of the trailer. Eventually, the Freightliner and trailer were separated.

The trailer was loaded onto the heavy duty rollback and secured.

One of our heavy wreckers hooked to the front of the Freightliner, the driveline was removed, air was supplied to the truck’s air system so that the brakes could be released. The lumber off of the trailer and hood off of the Freightliner were loaded and secured for transport.

We then assisted NR&SR with finalizing the clean-up of the roadway. We then cleared the scene. All of the vehicles were transported from the accident scene to Null’s of Cochranville where they were placed in our secure storage yard.

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