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Camper overturned in Londonderry.


June 23, 2022
Approximate time: 9:58 am
Weather Conditions: Rain

Called to respond to Rt 41 and Derry Meeting Rd for 2 vehicles after an accident. One of the vehicles was reported to be hitched to a trailer. Arrived to find a Ford F150 pulling a small trailer and an F-150 pulling a dual axle camper trailer that was overturned.

At that point, one of our heavy duty rotators was dispatched to the scene. Upon further investigation it was found that there were fluids leaking and the axles were ripped from under the camper. At that point, Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration along with our Landoll trailer were dispatched to the scene.

The truck and trailer were still connected. Our team worked to separate the truck and trailer. The truck was loaded onto one of our rollbacks. The rotator then rigged to the camper trailer to lift it and set it onto the Landoll trailer. The camper was succesfully lifted and loaded onto the Landoll.

Our team assisted NR&SR with cleaning the roadway of the fluids and debris.

The vehicles were transported from the accident scene to Null’s of Cochranville. Once at Null’s, the rotator then lifted the camper off of the Landoll and rotated it in mid air back to an upright position. The camper was placed in our storage yard.