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Commercial motor vehicle accident in Pequea Twp.


September 20, 2021
Approximate time: 11:40 am
Weather Conditions: Clear

Called to respond to Long Lane and Millwood Rd for a tractor trailer after an accident. Additional information provided was that there was front end damage and fluids on the roadway. With the information given, a heavy duty wrecker and a truck tractor were dispatched to the scene. Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration was also contacted to handle the fluids on the roadway.

Upon arrival, found a 2021 Kenworth with front end damage. The Kenworth was pulling a partially loaded trailer. The front of the tractor was lifted and set onto blocks. The tractor was then secured to the tow tow truck. The driveline was removed and the truck was supplied with air.

The truck was separated from the trailer. Our tractor was then hooked to the trailer to move it out of the intersection.

The tractor was prepared to be towed from the accident scene. Secondary attachments and tow lights were installed, the steering was secured.

Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration handled the fluids on the roadway. The scene was restored to pre-accident conditions.

A huge thank you to the New Danville and West Willow Fire Companies for their help onscene! As always, it is greatly appreciated!