Serious commercial motor vehicle accident on 222 in Manheim Twp.


September 8, 2021
Approximate time: 0731
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Route 222 southbound south of the Landis Valley Road overpass for a multi commercial vehicle accident. We were advised that there was a tractor trailer off the roadway in the ditch and that there was an overturned dump truck. We were also advised that there was a fluid spill on the roadway. Based upon the information that was given, multiple heavy duty resources were dispatched to the scene. A spill response team was mobilized along with a traffic control team.

Upon arrival, it was found that a Freightliner Classic tractor pulling a loaded 20′ intermodal container trailer was travelling southbound on Route 222 when it struck the back end of a Isuzu dump truck. The force of the collision caused the bed to be ripped off of the dump truck. The dump truck and bed overturned down into the right hand ditch. The tractor trailer continued south off the right hand side of the road, over the embankment, coming to rest completely off the roadway with heavy front end damage. There were fluids leaking, which were quickly contained.

One of the sliding rotator recovery units was used to lift the dump truck chassis and bed to an upright position. Once upright the bed was lifted clear of the truck and set onto one of Wayne’s rollbacks, a small step had to be cut off of the bed to allow it to be set onto the rollback. The chassis was then lifted and set onto one of Wayne’s rollbacks. The rotator was returned to travel position and all rigging returned.

One of the heavy duty wreckers was rigged to the rear of the tractor trailer unit to winch it back to the roadway. One of the rotators was set-up beside the trailer and rigged to hold the unit upright while it was winched back up the embankment to the roadway. A second rotator was rigged to the front end of the severely damaged tractor to lift it and assist with steering it back onto the roadway as the truck’s front axle and steering were compromised in the impact.

All three trucks worked together to bring the loaded unit back onto the roadway without causing any further damage to the environment or the unit.

Once on the roadway, the truck and trailer were separated. A tractor was hooked to the trailer and prepared to be transported from the scene. One of the heavy duty units hooked to the front of the tractor and prepared to tow it from the scene. Air was supplied to the tractor, the driveline was removed.

The truck and trailer were transported from the accident scene to Null’s facility in Cochranville PA to be stored.

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