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February 14, 2019


Approximate time: 0629
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted by the Pennsylvania State Police Lancaster Barracks requesting us to respond to Old Philadelphia Pike and
New Holland Road in Leacock Township for a tractor trailer that was involved in a collision.

A scene supervisor, a heavy duty wrecker, and a tractor for the trailer were dispatched to the scene. While our
equipment was enroute, we were advised that there were fluids spilled on the roadway. At this point, we contacted Null’s
Recovery & Site Restoration and requested them to dispatch one of their incident response units to the scene for the
spill clean-up.

A Freightliner tractor was found to have been crossing over Old Philadelphia Pike on New Holland Road when it crossed
the path of a eastbound vehicle. The vehicle collided with the truck on the driver’s side causing significant damage to
the truck. The trailer was a loaded tanker trailer. There was a large amount of fluids and debris on the roadway. We
were advised that the company had a tractor enroute however it would be several hours unit it was in the area.

The wrecker hooked to the front of the tractor, air was supplied to release the tractor brakes. The truck and trailer were
separated. Wireless towlights and secondary attachments were installed on the tractor. Our tractor hooked to the trailer.
Once the tractor was moved out of the roadway, Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration worked to clean up the fuel spill and
absorbents from the scene. They pumped the fuel tanks to ensure all the fuel was out of the damaged tank. The
driveline was disconnected.

The trailer was dropped at a drop lot at the companies request. The damaged truck was then transported back to our

A huge thank you to the Intercourse and White Horse Fire Companies for their
help onscene!  As always, it is greatly appreciated!