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Loaded propane tanker overturned


February 8, 2022
Approximate time: 0758
Weather Conditions: Ice

Contacted to respond to 1710 Texter Mountain Road, Reinholds, PA for a loaded propane tanker that had been involved in a T-bone collision and was now overturned. We were advised that the truck had damage to the back axle area.

Based upon the information we were given, we dispatched two of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units and our incident response unit.

Upon arrival, county hazmat was onscene and had checked the vessel for leaks, the truck was leaking diesel fuel, coolant, and engine oil. Hazmat had spread absorbents to contain the leak to the roadway. The truck’s back axle was knocked completely loose in the impact. The driveshaft was against the tank evacuation port.

After a lengthy discussion regarding the recovery plan with the hazmat units, we were given the go ahead to set the truck up loaded.

The two rotators were rigged to lift the truck back to an upright position and slowly lower it back onto it’s wheels to prevent any unexpected shifting, or any additional damage to the truck or the tank.

The truck was successfully returned to it’s wheels without incident. One of the rotators hooked to the rear of the truck and prepared to tow it from the scene.

The incident response unit worked with county hazmat to clean the fluids and the absorbents from the roadway. We transported the drum that the absorbents and fluids were placed in from the accident scene to our facility to be picked up by our environmental waste disposal provider.

The damaged truck was towed from the accident scene to the customer’s terminal to be off-loaded.