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Loaded leaning concrete mixer in Glen Mills.


March 3, 2022

Contacted to respond to Route 1 northbound north of Cheney Road in Glen Mills for truck a loaded concrete mixer that had pulled off the side of the road and was reported to be stuck. We were advised that the truck was loaded and that it was leaning. Based upon the information we were given, two heavy duty wreckers were dispatched to the scene.

While enroute a photo was sent from the scene. Based upon the photo it was determined that one lane of the roadway would need to be shut down to remove the truck from the location it was in. At this point, our attenuator traffic control truck was dispatched to close the lane. Upon arrival, the mixer was severely leaning. The drum had shifted and was out of the rollers. The passenger side front fender was against the tire.

Our team formulated a recovery plan. The attenuator truck arrived and set-up the lane closure. One of the heavy duty wreckers was positioned beside the mixer. A strap was placed over the drum to lift the mixer back level. Once winched back to a level position, the second heavy duty wrecker winched the mixer forward back onto the roadway. The two wreckers worked together to get the mixer back on the roadway without any visible damage. The mixer was driven from the scene.