Team Null’s assists Team Wayne’s on a jack knifed tractor trailer.


February 3, 2022
Approximate time: 0851
Weather Conditions: Heavy rain

Contacted by W.T.R. to respond to the off ramp from westbound 283 to McGovernville Rd in Manheim Township to assist them at the scene of a commercial motor vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer that was jack knifed. It was requested that we respond with one of our sliding rotator recovery units, and a truck tractor for the trailer. W.T.R., advised that they had their heavy duty wrecker enroute along with their traffic control team.

Upon arrival, our recovery operators met with W.T.R.’s operators and discussed the recovery plan. Wayne’s Team along with the fire department had been working to secure the fuel leak from the truck’s fuel tank and contain the spill. It was determined that the front of the trailer and the back of the tractor would need to be lifted, the rotator was positioned to perform this while W.T.R.’s heavy wrecker was positioned at the back of the trailer to winch the unit backwards out of the jack knifed position. Once the unit was partially out of the jack knife position, the truck and trailer were separated. The trailer was rotated onto the roadway and connected to our tractor. The trailer was moved from the immediate area.

The rotator was then used to lift the front of the tractor up out of the water filled waterway to prevent the fuel tanks from being drug and further damaged. Once the front of the truck was lifted, W.T.R.’s heavy wrecker winched the truck backwards back onto the roadway. Once on the roadway, the rigging was removed and returned to it’s respective location. W.T.R.’s heavy wrecker hooked to the back of the tractor and prepared to tow it from the scene.

We then worked with Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration to remove the fuel that had been contained to the waterway and pump the fuel tanks.

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