Jack knifed tractor trailer on Limestone Rd


March 24, 2023
Approximate time: 0951
Weather Conditions: Rain

Contacted to respond to Route 10 between Old Racetrack Road and Highland Road for a tractor trailer that was jack-knifed. We were also advised that there was a fuel spill. Photos were sent from the scene.

Based upon the photos, Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration, one of our tractors and two of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units were dispatched to the scene. One rotator entered from the north end of the scene, backing in from Old Racetrack Road. The other rotator entered from the south side of the scene, backing in from Highland Road.

NR&SR arrived and immediately began pumping the leaking fuel tank, the fuel was transferring over from the other tank. Both tanks were drilled and pumped. The fire department had created a dam out of dirt from the side of the road to contain the fuel to the roadway.

The tractor trailer was in a hard jack knife position. The cab was torn loose from the rear mounting hardware. The cab was also embedded into the side of the trailer. The passenger side steer axle was approximetly one foot off of the ground.

One of the rotators hooked to the rear of the trailer to lift the trailer and rotate it away from the tractor. The second rotator hooked to the front of the tractor to lift it off of the trailer so that as the trailer was rotated, clear of the tractor, the cab would not be ripped off. The two rotators worked together to un-jack knife the unit. Once the truck and trailer were clear, the unit was separated. The rotator that was originally hooked to the tractor the hooked to the front of the trailer and lifted it off of the damaged tractor. The trailer was then connected to our tractor.

The rotator at the back of the trailer, hooked to the front of the tractor and winched it clear of the trailer.

One of the rotators then hooked to the rear of the tractor and prepared to tow it from the scene.

Our team assisted NR&SR with cleaning up the fuel spill, dirt, and absorbents from the scene. The fire department reported that they checked the creek and roadside and found no sign of any diesel fuel.

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