Loaded milk tanker overturned in Christiana


January 7, 2022
Approximate time: 0401
Weather Conditions: Heavy snow and ice

Contacted to respond to Quaker Church Road in the area of Featherbed Lane for a loaded milk tanker that was overturned and leaking. We were advised that the unit was in close proximity to the creek and that the milk that was leaking out of the trailer was close to flowing into the creek.

Based upon the information that we were given, we dispatched three of our heavy duty sliding rotators, a recovery supervisor, and contacted Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene for the spill.

Upon arrival, it was found that the Peterbilt tractor pulling a Walker trailer was travelling north on Quaker Church Road when it stopped for cattle in the roadway and then slid backwards down the incline off the roadway and overturned into the barn yard. The unit was laying on the driver’s side. Milk was leaking out of both hatches on the trailer. There were fluids leaking from the engine compartment.

Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration worked with the fire department to further contain the milk from spilling into the creek. Spill booms, absorbents, and other means of damming the milk were used to ensure that none of it entered the creek.

One of the rotators was positioned at the rear of the trailer. One of the rotators was positioned at the front of the trailer. One of the rotators was positioned at the front of the tractor. The three rotators worked together to get rigging placed under the trailer to lift it back to an upright position. Additional rigging was used to slowly lower the unit back to it’s wheels to prevent any additional damages from occurring. Once upright, the unit was winched forward back onto the roadway while the rotator at the rear of the trailer lifted the trailer up out of the barn yard, over the embankment and set it back onto the roadway.

Once on the roadway, all of the rigging was removed. The trailer was pumped off into another trailer supplied by the trucking company. The truck and trailer were separated. The company provided another tractor to pull the trailer from the scene. The damaged tractor was towed from the scene.

A huge thank you to the Bart Township Fire Company for their help onscene! As always, it is greatly appreciated!

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