Plow truck in the ditch in Coatesville


January 7, 2022

Approximate time: 0712

Weather conditions: Snow/ice

Contacted to respond to Route 841 in the area of Greenlawn Road for a plow truck that was in the ditch. Photos were sent from the scene. It was found that the truck was in danger of overturning with the entire truck off the roadway and the left rear wheels off the ground.

At that point, two trucks were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, one of the trucks positioned at the rear of the plow truck, straps were placed around the body to lift the truck back to an upright position. The second truck was placed at the front of the truck to lift and winch the truck forward and sideways back onto the roadway. Once back to a level position, the truck was winched forward while the back end was lifted and set onto the roadway.

The truck was able to be driven from the scene with no visible damage.

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