Vehicle in a pond on Strasburg Pike.


June 2, 2021

Approximate time: 2133

Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Strasburg Pike and Rockvale Road in West Lampeter Township to assist Wayne’s Towing & Recovery at the scene of a sedan that had left the roadway, became airborne, and landed in a pond. We were advised that the vehicle was nearly submerged. We were also advised that Wayne’s had water rescue trained personnel enroute to the scene to assist with rigging the vehicle for recovery.

Truck R8 responded to the scene. Upon arrival, R8 was set-up on a work platform. One of our portable light towers was set-up to provide a safe work area for all personnel working onscene.

The water rescue personnel made access to the vehicle via a boat. Straps were wrapped around the “B” post of the vehicle in a basket fashion. R8 hooked to the rigging and tensioned. Once the rigging was tensioned, the boat moved clear of the car and R8 lifted the car out of the pond. The vehicle was set onto the roadway so that the police department could continue their investigation.

R8 assisted Wayne’s with loading and securing the vehicle prior to clearing the scene.

A huge thank you to Wayne’s for the call for assistance along with the Lampeter and Willow Street Volunteers for their help with scene safety and traffic control. As always, it is greatly appreciated!

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