Boat falls of trailer in Highland Township.


June 5, 2021

Approximate time: 2303

Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Route 10 in the area of Gum Tree Road for a boat that had fell off of it’s trailer after the driver reportedly swerved to miss colliding with a deer. Truck R8 was dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, the boat trailer was found to be damaged significantly making it unable to transport the boat from the scene. At that point, C31 and C33 were dispatched to the scene to transport the boat trailer and the boat from the scene.

Fire Police from Cochranville, Westwood, and Keystone Valley Fire Departments closed the roadway while R8 lifted the boat and disconnected it the remainder of the way from the trailer. The boat was loaded onto C33. C31 loaded the boat trailer. The roadway was then reopened with our equipment clearing the scene.

A huge thank you to the fire police for handling traffic control for this incident. As always, it is greatly appreciated!

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