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Tractor trailer off the roadway in Londonderry


October 22, 2021
Approximate time: 1530
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Gap Newport Pike Between Fernwood Road and Jennersville Road for a tractor trailer that was reported to be overturned and over an embankment. We were advised that there was an active fuel leak.

Based upon the information that we were given, we dispatched three of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units, a truck tractor, and Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene.

Upon arrival, it was found that a Kenworth tractor pulling a reefer trailer had left the roadway, struck the guard rail and a utility pole. The unit went over top of the guard rail, over the embankment, the tractor then struck the embankment tearing the front axle nearly completely out from under the truck. There was diesel fuel and motor oil spilled all over the scene. The trailer was leaning at an approximate 55* angle and in danger of falling onto it’s side and further down the embankment.

We assisted NR&SR with pumping the damaged fuel tanks and containing the spill.

We requested NR&SR’s excavator the scene to remove the damaged sections of guard rail, which would hinder the recovery efforts. We also requested our lowboy trailer to haul the damaged tractor, and a rollback to haul all of the truck parts and debris from the scene.

PECO advised that power had been shut off in the area and we were good to begin the recovery. The three rotators were positioned on the roadway beside the tractor trailer unit. They were set-up on work platforms, their booms extended and rotated to the side. Rigging was connected from the front rotator to the front of the severely damaged tractor, rigging was connected from the middle rotator to the front of the trailer/ back of the tractor area. The rotator at the back connected to the rear of the trailer.

The three rotators worked together to lift the truck back to a level, upright position and set it back onto the roadway, this was a very tedious process due to the damage to the truck and all of the overhead utility lines. Once back on the roadway, the trailer was set down. The truck and trailer were separated. Two of the rotators worked together to loaded the mangled tractor onto our lowboy so that it could be safely transported from the scene. The tractor was set onto the lowboy and secured for transport.

All of the rigging was removed, inspected, and returned to it’s respective location. The three rotators were returned to travel position. One of our tractors then hooked to the trailer and prepared to tow it from the scene to Null’s. We worked to assist NR&SR with removing all the debris and vehicle parts from the scene and loading them onto one of our rollbacks. The trucks front axle and hood were loaded onto the rollback and secured for transport.

Once the scene was cleaned up, our equipment cleared the scene. Once back at our facility, the damaged tractor was unloaded and placed in the secure storage yard, along with the trailer.

A huge thank you to the Cochranville and assisting Fire Departments on their help with traffic control during this incident. As always, it is greatly appreciated!