Overturned tractor in Highland.


March 28, 2022
Approximate time: 1552
Weather Conditions: Snow squalls, strong winds

Contacted to respond to 3242 Limestone Road in Highland Township for an overturned truck tractor. Based upon the information we were given, one of our recovery supervisors, one of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units, and Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration for spill control and traffic control were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, NR&SR’s attenuator truck was set-up to provide a safe work zone for the crews working onscene.

A Freightliner single axle cab over tractor was found to have been traveling northbound on Limestone Road, struck a bed-liner that fell out of a pick up truck and came directly into the Freightliner’s path causing it to loose control. The Freightliner then crossed the center line, went into the ditch, and overturned. The cab on the Freightliner was knocked loose. There were fluids leaking from the truck.

NR&SR also worked to contain the fluids that were leaking from the truck into the water way that the truck came to rest in.

The rotator was set-up on a work platform. The boom was rotated and rigging connected to the truck to lift it back to an upright position and control it’s landing to prevent the fuel tanks from striking the ground as the truck would still be partially in the ditch. The truck was slowly lifted back to an upright position and lowered back to it’s wheels. Once the truck was on it’s wheels, the rigging for uprighting it was removed. The rotator then lifted the truck out of the ditch and back onto the roadway.

The truck was then towed from the accident scene to Null’s of Cochranville where it was placed in our secure storage.

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