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Commercial motor vehicle accident in Salisbury


April 7, 2022
Approximate time: 1641
Weather Conditions: Heavy rain

Contacted to respond to 5324 Mine Road in Salisbury Township for a vehicle accident involving two commercial vehicles. We were advised that one was a tractor trailer and the other was a logging truck loaded with logs. Based upon the information we were given, we dispatched a recovery supervisor, multiple heavy duty resources, a tractor for the trailer of the tractor trailer, and contacted Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene.

Upon arrival, a four axle Freightliner log truck with a partial load of logs on was found to have been traveling westbound on Mine Road when it entered the curve in front of 5324 Mine Road and collided with the driver’s side of a Volvo tractor pulling a drop deck enclosed trailer. Both trucks suffered significant damage. There was a visible fluid leak based on a sheen that was present in the rain water that was running off the roadway. NR&SR placed absorbents down to contain the unknown fluid to the roadway. The heavy downpour made it difficult to determine where the leak was coming from.

The Volvo had the steering axle and front drive axle knocked loose. The Freightliner had significant damage to the left side and front end from the collision. The two trucks were entangled with each other and would need to be separated.

One of our heavy duty sliding rotator units was used to lift the front end of the Volvo and rotate it clear of the log truck. At this point NR&SR was able to determine that the fuel tank was leaking and their team worked to pump the fuel from the truck.

One of the heavy duty wreckers was used to winch the log truck backwards away from the side of the trailer. This then allowed another of our heavy duty wreckers, which had accessed the scene from the west side, to begin hooking to the front end of the log truck. The driveline was disconnected on it, air was supplied, secondary attachments and tow lights were installed.

Once the fuel tanks were pumped on the Volvo one of the heavy duty wreckers hooked to the Volvo to tow it from the scene. The truck and trailer were separated. One of our tractors hooked to the trailer and removed it from the scene. The front drive axle was chained in place on the Volvo. The driveshaft between the two rears was disconnected and the brakes were caged. Tow lights and secondary attachments were installed.

The Volvo and Freightliner were both towed to Null’s of Cochranville where they were put in our secure storage yard.

A huge thank you to the Gap Fire Company Volunteers for their help with scene safety and traffic control. As always, it is greatly appreciated!