Loaded armored car involved in accident.


November 21, 2023
Approximate time: 1315
Weather Conditions: Rain

Contacted to respond to Route 272 and Deaver Road for an International Armored Vehicle that was loaded, that had been involved in an accident with a tractor trailer. We were advised that the truck had damage both the front and rear axles. Photos were also sent from the scene.

The photos indicated that the trucks as perpendicular to the roadway, partially off the roadway, and did have damage to both axles. The photos also showed that there were overhead power lines in close proximity to the truck. It was noted that the truck would need to be lifted rather than pulled out from where it was due to the trucks oil pan being in close proximity to the axle which was torn loose.

We were advised that the truck would need to be transported to Nottingham Maryland to be unloaded. We were advised that the company would have a heavy wrecker on location at Nottingham to unload the truck off of our trailer once their.

Based upon the information we were given and the photos, a recovery supervisor, two of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units and a Landoll trailer were dispatched to the scene. Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration was also dispatched to the scene for fluids and debris clean-up.

Upon arrival, the rotators set-up in the same lane that the truck was partially blocking. One rotator hooked to the front of the truck while the second rotator hooked to the rear of the truck. The overhead electric lines prevented the truck from being lifted via a single rotator and being able to maintain proper veer angles. The two rotators lifted the truck and rotated it in between them so that it was now straight with the roadway.

At this point, the roadway was completely shut down. The two rotators continued to pass the truck in between them and set it onto the Landoll which had been positioned in the open travel lane next to the rotators. The truck was set onto the Landoll and secured to be moved out of the roadway. The rotators unhooked from the truck. The roadway was re-opened to a single lane of traffic while the rotators were returned to travel position and the rigging was returned to its respective location.

The trucks as properly secured to the Landoll. The hood and other loose truck parts were secured for transport. We assisted NR&SR with final clean up of the scene and picking up traffic control. The rotors along with NR&SR cleared the scene. The Landoll transported the damaged truck and an armed guard from the scene to the company’s facility in Nottingham Maryland. Once at Nottingham, a heavy wrecker from Ted’s Towing was onsite to remove the damaged truck from our trailer. The Landoll then returned to our facility as well.

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