Overturned tractor trailer in Cecil County


October 16, 2021
Approximate time: 2222
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted by Frank’s Auto Body to respond to Route 279 northbound at the ramp from I-95 northbound to assist them at the scene of a tractor trailer loaded with orange juice that was overturned. We were advised that the trailer appeared to be in good condition. We were requested to respond with our air cushion recovery system unit. We dispatched the equipment necessary to assist Frank’s with recovering the truck, trailer, and cargo.

Upon arrival, we met with the team from Frank’s. Our team worked with their team to establish a recovery plan of action. We met with Maryland State Highway and advised them of the recovery plan, they agreed with the plan and put the necessary lane and road closures in place to allow the recovery process to begin.

Frank’s truck was rigged to the front of the tractor trailer unit to begin lifting the tractor back to an upright position.

One of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units was placed at the back of the trailer. Rigging was connected to the trailer to perform a dead lift to allow a visual inspection of the underside of the trailer. The inspection revealed that the trailer had very minimal damage and that it would be able to be uprighted without the use of air cushions. A four straps were placed under the trailer. The second rotator was set-up at the front of the trailer.

The two rotators along with Frank’s heavy wrecker worked together to lift the unit back to an upright position. Our Matjack landing cushion system was used to slowly lower the unit back to it’s wheels. Once on it’s wheels all of the rigging was removed and loaded into one of our support trucks for transport back to our facility to be cleaned and inspected. Both rotators were returned to travel position.

We assisted Frank’s with separating the truck and trailer. The fluids that had leaked from the truck were cleaned up from the roadway and median area.

Our equipment then cleared the scene to return to our facility to clean and inspect the rigging.

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