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March 31, 2019


Approximate time: 0402
Weather conditions: Clear

Contacted by Wayne’s Towing & Recovery requesting us to respond to the rear of the Sheetz at 3205 Lititz Pike, Lititz,
PA with one of our long reach sliding rotator recovery units to assist them on recovering a Volvo sedan that had left the
roadway and was sitting in a water retention area on top of large rocks.  One of our long reach sliding rotator recovery
units was dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, it was found that the Volvo had been traveling west on an access road that connects the Lancaster Airport
to the Sheetz parking lot when it failed to properly negotiate a turn.  Video from the Sheetz store showed the vehicle
leaving the roadway, traveling through the grass, striking a concrete culvert, becoming airborne and landing on it’s
wheels in the water retention area.  The vehicle was sitting on top of several large rocks.  The rocks had punctured the
oil pans, and broke part of the oil pan off of the vehicle.  The gas tank was not compromised however, it was sitting on
top of the rocks.

Our light tower was set-up to provide a safe work zone for the personnel working onscene.

The rotator recovery unit was set-up in the parking lot of the Sheetz store.  The boom was rotated, a spreader bar was
rigged to one of the main boom winch lines.  While our operator was setting up the rotator and rigging the spreader bar,
Wayne’s operator connected rigging to the car.  Straps were placed through three of the wheels, the left front wheel was
torn loose from the vehicle.  The wheel was chained to the vehicles subframe.  Rigging was connected to the sub
frame.  The rigging was connected to the spreader bar.

The rotator recovery unit then lifted the Volvo out of the retention area, the boom was rotated and the vehicle set down
on the concrete parking area of the Sheetz store so that Wayne’s could transport it from the scene.  The rigging was
removed and returned to it’s respective location.  The spreader bar was set back into it’s holder.  The rotator was
returned to the travel position.  Our operator assisted Wayne’s operator with preparing the car to be transported from
the scene.

The light tower was returned to the stowed position.

The rotator cleared the scene and returned to our facility.