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Loaded tractor trailer overturned on 222.


January 16, 2023
Approximate time: 1209
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Route 222 southbound at the ramp to 30 westbound to assist Wayne’s Towing & Recovery with a tractor trailer that was overturned.

Traffic cam footage showed a severely damaged Freightliner tractor pulling a 20’ sea container that had significant damage to the roof of the container, indicating that the container was loaded.

One of our heavy duty wreckers was in the area and was dispatched directly to the scene. Additionally, we dispatched two of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units, a tractor for the container chassis, and our Landoll trailer for the container.

Upon arrival, the heavy duty wrecker worked with WTR’s heavy duty wrecker to separate the truck from the trailer. The cab was torn loose from the frame, the tractor was uprighted and set back onto the roadway. WTR’s heavy wrecker hooked to the tractor and moved it from the immediate area. At this point, our two rotators were onscene.

The rotators moved into position to lift the chassis clear of the container. The chassis was lifted clear of the container and uprighted, the chassis was then set onto the roadway so that our tractor could hook to the chassis and move it from the immediate area. The two rotators then lifted the loaded container and moved it back to the roadway. The rotators re-rigged and lifted the container straight up so that the Landoll trailer could be backed under it. The container showed major deflection in the roof and walls indicating that the load had clearly shifted.

The Landoll was backed under the container and the container set onto the Landoll. The container was secured and moved from the immediate area. The cab was then lifted and set onto one of WTR’s rollbacks for transport from the scene.

The tractor frame, cab, chassis, and container were all transported from the accident scene. Once at the secure storage facility, the units were placed in the storage area. Our wheel loader was used to lift the cab and upright it. The cab was carried to our secure storage yard. The container was lifted off of the Landoll and set onto the ground, still on it’s side due to concerns of the load of rubber rolls shifting and causing the wall to fail releasing the cargo.