Vehicle over the guard rail on the 30 bypass.


January 22, 2022
Approximate time: 0424
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to 267.6 westbound on the Route 30 bypass for a SUV that was over the guard rail and leaking gas. Based upon the additional information, one of our long reach sliding rotator recovery units, a rollback, and our attenuator truck were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, the attenuator truck was set-up prior to the accident scene to alert approaching motorists of the lane closure and to protect our operators working onscene.

The rotator was used to lift the car up over the embankment, over the gaurd rail and back onto the roadway. A spill diaper was placed under the vehicle to contain the leaking gas. The vehicle was set directly onto the bed of the rollback for transportation off of the highway.

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