Loaded manure tanker over the bank in West Fallowfield.


May 14, 2022

Contacted to respond to Glenville Road for a Fendt tractor and manure tanker that was stuck. Pick up truck responded to assess the situation. Upon arrival, it was found that the tractor and loaded tanker had slid down the manure covered hillside backwards, the tanker was down over the embankment. The unit was estimated to be approximately 80,000 pounds from what the operator thought.

After assessing the scene and calculating the resistance that would need to be overcome to winch the tanker and tractor back up the hill, it was determined that a heavy wrecker would be placed on the roadway and hooked to the left side of the tanker. Our skid steer with winchbox would be placed in the field on the right side and rigged to the tanker. The two would work together to pull the unit back up the embankment.

The plan was put into action and the tanker was pulled part way back up the embankment. It was noticed that tractor was not rolling up the hill, at that point the rollback that transported the skid steer to the scene was placed in the field and rigged to the front of the tractor to pull it up the hill and help with steering the unit. Once the tanker was over the top of the embankment, the skid steer was relocated to directly in front of the unit and winched the unit the remainder of the way up the hill to a position it was able to go on it’s own.

All of the manure covered rigging was loaded into the pick-up and transported back to our facility to be pressure washed. The winch lines were pulled back off of the equipment pressure washed and power wrapped.

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