Farm machinery accident in Willow Street.


May 10, 2021
Approximate time: 1753
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Rawlinsville Road and Pennsy Road for an overturned tractor and trailer loaded with pallets. We were advised that the tractor was a farm tractor. No other information was available.

Based upon the information we were able to obtain, one of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units, our Landoll trailer, and a rollback were dispatched to the scene. We also contacted Null’s Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene with one of their Incident Response Units.

Upon arrival, a Farmall tractor pulling an approximate 28′ long Big Tex trailer loaded with pallets was found to have been travelling on Rawlinsville Road from Mount Hope School Road towards Pennsy Road when the weight of the trailer and load started pushing the tractor down the hill causing it to lose control. The tractor went up the embankment and overturned. The tractor then hit a utility pole causing the front pedestal to be sheered off. The trailer came to rest on it’s side and the tractor was laying upside down, completely blocking the roadway with the cargo spilled in the roadway. There were fluids leaking from the tractor. The tractor and trailer were still connected.

The rotator was used to hold the tractor and trailer while the drawbar on the tractor, which was already partially sheared off from the accident, was cut the remainder of the way so that the tractor and trailer could be separated. Once separated, the trailer was uprighted and loaded onto the rollback for transport from the scene. The load of pallets were reloaded onto two replacement trailers provided by the Amish onsite. The severely damaged tractor was uprighted and set onto the Landoll trailer.

The damaged tractor and trailer were transported from the accident scene to Null’s of Cochranville where they were unloaded in our secure storage yard.

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