December 18, 2020


Property Damage and Liability Cleanup

Approximate time: 1454
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Route 41 and Highland Road for a loaded tractor trailer that had lost two of it’s rear wheels.  A heavy
duty wrecker, service truck, and truck tractor were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, it was found that the Freightliner tractor had lost the driver’s side rear duals.  The trailer’s fifth wheel plate was
pushed up through the bottom of the trailer and cracked.  The passenger side dolly leg was none functioning on the trailer.  
The passenger side of the unit was in the snow.  The rear end of the tractor and front end of the trailer were sitting extremely
low from the wheels being gone.  

At this point, one of our sliding rotators was dispatched to the scene to lift the loaded trailer and hold it while the tractor was
removed from under the trailer.  One of our rollbacks was also dispatched to the scene to transport the wheels and tires back
to our facility.

The rotator arrived and placed a strap under the belly of the trailer.  The trailer was lifted and held while the heavy duty
wrecker towed the tractor out from under the trailer.  Our tractor then connected to the trailer.  The rotator lowered the trailer
onto our tractor.  The heavy duty wrecker then hooked to the rear of the tractor.  The wheels and tires were loaded onto the
rollback and secured.

All units then cleared the scene.  The truck and trailer were transported from the scene to our Cochranville facility where they
were placed in our secure storage yard.

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