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Chassis swap on loaded sea container.


November 2, 2022

Approximate time: 0145

Weather conditions: Clear

We were contacted for road service to respond to Routes 10 and 41 for a loaded tractor trailer that was involved in a collision. We were advised that the trailer had been involved in some type of a collision earlier in the day. The company had contacted another road service vendor who had advised them that the trailer needed to be towed, and made arrangements for a tow.

Fast forward to 1:45 AM when the tow arrived and was unable to tow the trailer.

They were now requesting our assistance to get the load back on the road. We responded and confirmed that the original road service provider was correct, that the trailer was not road worthy any longer due to major frame damage. At that point, the customer was contacted and advised that the loaded container would need to be lifted off and set onto another trailer. The customer opted to have a replacement chassis brought from their yard in Baltimore to the scene for us to swap the container onto.

Trucks R8 and R9 lifted the loaded container off of the damaged chassis and set it onto a replacement chassis. The damaged chassis was then loaded onto the Landoll for transport to Baltimore for further evaluation.