While there hasn't been much activity on the website, it has been the total opposite for Team Null's.  Below are a few
action shots from the last few weeks.
S10 delivering a load of produce.
R5 winching amusement rides at Solanco Fair Grounds.
R5 assisting with changing a filter at a methane power plant at a local dairy farm.
R5 onscene of a fatal accident in Colerain Township.
R5, S11 and Null's Recovery & Site Restoration onscene of a jack-knife tractor trailer on Route 272.
R5 out with a tractor trailer that became stuck in Leola.
R5 and S10 recovering loaded plow truck out of a ditch in Atglen.
R5 onscene of a mobile generator that had sunk in the mud and was ready to overturn.
T7 with TL9 hauling a tractor in for repairs.
R5 taking a fire truck for repairs after it had a mechanical failure.
C23 hauling a plow truck in for repairs.
S10 delivering a trailer to the repair shop that had been involved in an earlier collision.
R5 relocating a trailer onsite in Quarryville.
S10 towing a loaded trailer after it had a mechanical failure.
T8 and TL10 hauling a loader from Elizabethtown to Gap.
R5 and C23 onscene of a truck that ran off the road and hit a pole on Lincoln Highway.
C23 taking a partially loaded propane tanker in for repairs.
Part of the heavy duty line up.
S10 unloading a 16,000 pound roto mill.
S10 delivering a disabled truck tractor.
C23 transporting a Lull from one construction site to another.
T7 and TL9 transporting a disabled tower ladder for repairs.
R5 transporting a tour bus for repairs.
S10, C25, 90, and Null's Recovery & Site Restoration out on Route 30 with a dump trailer that was involved in a collision.
C23 transporting a truck tractor for repairs.
R5 transporting a disabled box truck for repairs.
R5 delivering a box truck's load after it had a mechanical failure and ran off the roadway in Lewisville.
141 transporting a disabled loaded tri axle dump truck.
S10 handling a tractor swap in Somerset, PA.
R5 in Denver PA with a loaded tri-axle that became hung up.
R5 uprighting an overturned tractor trailer in West Brandywine.