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January 1, 2019   Rotator respond to vehicle off the roadway on Route 41, Atglen.
January 9, 2019   Loaded concrete mixer runs off the roadway in East Fallowfield.
January 15, 2019  Loaded tri-axle dump truck overturns Route 272, Little Britian.
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January 31, 2019 Loaded tractor trailer overturns while dumping in New Garden.
February 7, 2019  Box truck overturns causing fuel spill on Rt. 1 in Lower Oxford.
February 11, 2019    Tractor trailer leaves the roadway on Route 10, Upper Oxford.
February 13, 2019  Tractor trailer loaded with beer overturned, Valley Township.
February 14, 2019 Tractor trailer accident with fuel spill Route 340, Leacock Twp.
February 15, 2019     Loaded delivery truck involved in collision, Valley Township.
February 15, 2019  Loaded tractor trailer stuck in parking lot, Sadsbury Township.
February 22, 2019  Loaded oil tanker overturns and spills, West Marlborough Twp.
March 3, 2019    Loaded milk tanker overturns into creek, on Rt 222 Strasburg Twp.
March 21, 2019   Loaded car carrier overturns on Lincoln Highway in Paradise Twp.
March 29, 2019  Serious motor vehicle accident shuts down Rt. 41 in West Fallowfield.
March 31, 2019  Rotator responds to vehicle off the roadway in Manheim Township.
April 15, 2019  Loaded tractor trailer overturns while dumping load, Rising Sun MD.
April 16, 2019 Commercial motor vehicle accident on Route 1 in Upper Oxford Twp.
April 24, 2019  Rotator responds to Rt, 222 tractor trailer accident in Manheim Twp.
Week of April 21, 2019  Team Null's keeps the wheels turning on multiple incidents.
April 29, 2019      Loaded tractor and walking floor trailer overturned in Quarryville.
May 14, 2019  Tractor trailer overturned over an embankment in Londonderry Twp.
May 14, 2019 Loaded tractor trailer strikes and drags boulders in Londonderry Twp.
May 28, 2019     Loaded tractor trailer blown over by major weather event, Leacock.
June 6, 2019    First several days of June keeping off to busy start for Team Null's.
June 15, 2019 Rotator responds to vehicle off the roadway, West Fallowfield Twp.
June 18, 2019  Team Null's responds to Cecil County MD to assist on rolled beer truck.
June 20, 2019  Multiple commercial motor vehicle accident on Route 10 in Highland.
July 18, 2019   Tractor trailer strikes bridge on detour for road closure in Solanco.
July 21, 2019    Commercial motor vehicle accident on Route 1 bypass, Penn Twp.
August 9, 2019   Team Null's keeping pretty busy the first week of August.
August 14, 2019     R5 and R6 move 47,000 pound liquid storage tank in Oxford.
Early September, 2019      Team Null's keeping busy the beginning of the month.
September 20, 2019   Tractor trailer looses part of it's load on Route 41, Atglen.
September 24, 2019   Tractor trailer over the embankment, Route 1, Penn Twp.
September 3, 2019  Loaded tri-axle dump truck overturned in West Nottingham.
November 28, 2019  Loaded tractor and tanker trailer tow and swap, Elkton, Md.
November 27, 2019  Loaded tanker high center on incline in West Sadsbury Twp.
December 3, 2019 Loaded tractor trailer strikes multiple utility poles on Route 30.
December 4, 2019 Severe collision involving two tractor trailers, McConnellsburg.
December 5, 2019  Tractor trailer strikes fuel pump island in Perryville, Maryland.
December 7, 2019       Loaded tractor trailer hung up on Enola Low Grade rail trail.
December 18, 2019  Loaded tractor trailer strikes guard rail, Perryville, Maryland.
December 19, 2019    Tanker trailer detaches from tractor on Route 30 in Vintage.
December 19, 2019  Loaded box truck overturns after collision in Penn Township.