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January 9, 2018  Commercial motor vehicle accident, Gap Newport Pk, Londonderry.
January 9, 2018    Loaded tri-axle dump truck struck from behind on Delaware RT. 1.
January 13, 2018      Serious motor vehicle collision, Gap Newport Pk, Londonderry.
January 7, 2018 Car pulls out in front of tractor trailer, Gap Newport Pk in Sadsbury.
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February 13, 2018  Loaded tractor trailer struck by falling hay bales, Highland Twp.
May 24, 2018       Loaded dump truck slams into house, Route 741 in Salisbury Twp.
Spring 2018 Team Null's keeping busy with accidents, winchouts, and breakdowns.
April 13, 2018      Rotator requested to vehicle in a ravine in New Garden Township.
June 1, 2018  Tri-axle dump truck overturns while dumping it's load, Paradise Twp.
June 2, 2018    Rotator responds to Millersville for car swept away by flood waters.
June 26, 2018   Loaded trailer comes unhooked strike guard rail in West Sadsbury.
June 27, 2018    Serious commercial motor vehicle accident in Highland Township.
August 8, 2018      Embankment gives way, causing excavator to overturn into pit.
August 13, 2018  Loaded tractor trailer strikes the guard causing fuel spill, Oxford.
August 13, 2018   Loaded cattle truck overturns on Ronks Rd, Strasburg Township.
August 29, 2018  Serious commercial motor vehicle accident on Gap Newport Pike.
September 8, 2018   Commercial motor vehicle accident with fuel spill in Highalnd.
September 11, 2018     Vac truck overturns due to soft shoulder in West Sadsbury.
September 15, 2018    Tractor trailer ripped in half by train in Upper Leacock Twp.
October 3, 2018  Loaded trailer breaks in half on Limestone Road in Upper Oxford.
October 5, 2018  Rotator responds to York County for Jeep in the Conewago Creek.
October 16, 2018   Team Null's responds to serious crash on Norman Wood Bridge.
October 25, 2018 Loaded dump truck and oil tanker collide, dump truck overturns.
October 23, 2018  Commercial motor vehicle accident completely blocks Route 30.
October 28, 2018     Commercial motor vehicle accident with fuel spill on Route 10.
November 3, 2018   Vehicle swept off the roadway by floodwaters in West Sadsbury.
November 2, 2018 Team Null's assists in removing trommel screener from building.
November 8, 2018   Loaded dump truck falls through barn floor in Upper Oxford Twp.
November 11, 2018   Team Null's assists with overturned crane truck, York County.
November 12, 2018   Loaded tractor trailer overturns on Route 372, Sadsbury Twp.
November 19, 2018    Tractor trailer accident with fuel spill Route 896 in Bart Twp.
December 13, 2018  Tractor trailer loaded with pineapples overturns, Gap Bypass.
December 18, 2018   Loaded tractor trailer backs through guardrail in Londonderry.
December 21, 2018       Loaded tractor trailer overturns on Route 372, in Eden Twp.
December 31, 2018    Loaded tractor trailer strikes bridge, Lower Oxford Township.