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January 20, 2017    Major accident shuts down Lincoln Highway, Paradise Township.
February 7, 2017     Tractor trailer loaded with fruit overturns on the Gap Bypass.
February 10, 2017  Tractor trailer goes off the road after serious collision in Drumore.
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February 6, 2017  Loaded tractor trailer drives off the side of platform scale, Atglen.
March 16, 2017    Loaded tractor trailer runs off the roadway in Salisbury Township.
March 6, 2017   Empty tractor trailer becomes stuck while turning around, Paradise.
March 14, 2017  Tractor trailer struck on 272, axles knocked out of trailer, Drumore.
March 14, 2017  Vehicle off of the roadway on Harrisburg Pike, East Hempfield Twp.
March 15, 2017       Strong winds and drifting snow keeps TEAM NULL'S on our tows.
March 27, 2017  Serious commercial motor vehicle accident on Rt. 30 Salisbury Twp.
March 30, 2017  Loaded dump trailer overturns onto a propane rail tanker, Avondale.
March 29, 2017 Team Null's respond to tractor trailer fire on Route 41 in Atglen Boro.
May 17, 2017 Bus involved in serious accident on Route 30, East Lampeter Township.
June 1, 2017  Serious motor vehicle accident on Gap Newport Pike, West Fallowfield.
June 13, 2017 Loaded tractor trailer overturned Route 272 in Little Britian Township.
June 27, 2017      Vehicle off the roadway on Route 41 in West Fallowfield Township.
July 3, 2017    Loaded trailer overturns spilling load of lumber in East Drumore Twp.
July 23, 2017  Loaded tractor trailer strikes bridge abutment in West Lampeter Twp.
July 29, 2017    Vehicle goes off the roadway into the Glen Run, Highland Township.
August 2, 2017    Loaded tri-axle dump truck bursts into flames on Gap Newport Pk.
August 3, 2017   Major commercial vehicle accident closes Gap Newport Pk, Atglen.
August 3, 2017  Moving truck off the edge on Mature Road in West Fallowfield Twp.
August 5, 2017 Saturday move of 10,000 gallon fuel tank move to avoid down time.
August 14, 2017     46,000 pound water tank loaded onto trailer in Kennett Square.
September 18, 2017   Loaded roofing buggy overturns in West Sadsbury Township.
October 2, 2017  Major   commercial vehicle collision on Route 283, East Hempfield.
October 4, 2017      Loaded box truck and sedan collide on Route 472, in Kirkwood.
November 2, 2017  Trailer loaded with tires folds in half on Route 372, Quarryville.
November 11, 2017   Vehicle off the roadway Gap Newport Pike, West Fallowfield.
November 20, 2017 Major accident temporarily close Route 41 in West Fallowfield.
November 21, 2017 Commercial motor vehicle accident with large spill, Valley Twp.
November 28, 2017   Box truck careens off the roadway in East Drumore Township.
November 24, 2017  943 Cat crawler loader overturned beside house in Parkesburg.
December 11, 2017  Loaded tractor and dump trailer uprighted in Port Deposit, MD.
December 28, 2017  Loaded tractor trailer runs off the roadway on Gap Newport Pike.