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January 22, 2016  953 Caterpillar suffers mechanical failure on a job site.
January 23, 2016   Loaded plow truck overturns in Londonderry Township.
January 25, 2016   Team Null's keeping busy during winter storm "Jonas"
January 26, 2016   Loaded trailer loose tandems and breaks in half, Paradise.
February 2, 2016  Partially loaded box truck overturned in Bart Township.
February 3, 2016   Heavy rains and snow melt keep Team Null's very busy
February 11, 2016  Two tractor trailers collide on Rotue 41 in West Fallowfield.
February 16, 2016      Partially loaded box truck overturned in Paradise Twp.
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February 18, 2016   Loaded tractor trailer leaning in Highland Township.
February 22, 2016     Loaded tractor trailer stuck in the ditch, Leacock Twp.
February 23, 2016   Loaded tractor trailer hits 10 ton bridge in Highland Twp.
February 24, 2016    Tractor trailer runs off the roadway in Highland Township.
March 1, 2016   Two tractor trailers collide on the Highway in Salisbury Twp.
March 1, 2016 Loaded tractor trailer strikes Culvert St. bridge, Parkesburg.
March 6, 2016   Team Null's responds to serious accident on Lincoln Highway.
March 23, 2016     Loaded tractor trailer strikes pole and folds in Hickory Hill.
April 5, 2016  Loaded concrete mixer and loaded tractor trailer collide on Lancaster Pk.
April 7, 2016   Team Null's responds to an accident involving explosives in Fulton Twp.
April 8, 2016  Loaded tractor trailer hung up on the rocks in Parkesburg Boro.
April 12, 2016  Loaded tractor trailer overturns in Manheim Twp. spilling load.
April 27, 2016       Serious commercial motor vehicle accident on Lincoln Hwy.
April 27, 2016   Car hits lime truck sending it into house in Pequea Township.
May 10, 2016  Accident involving an overturned peddle car in our parking lot.
May 9, 2016  School bus involved in accident on Route 10, Lower Oxford Twp.
May 9, 2016  Loaded concrete mixer overturned in a swamp in Bowmansville.
May 26, 2016   Loaded propane tanker overturns off the roadway in Penn Township.
May 26, 2016      Loaded tractor trailer strikes guide rail in Lower Oxford Twp.
May 25, 2016   Team Null's assists with the removal of equipment from a dairy barn.
June 11, 2016    Loaded tractor trailer strikes traffic light in West Lampeter.
June 13, 2016 Truck R5 loads two 23,500 pound scraper pans onto a flatbed.
July 1, 2016   Tractor trailer overturns while dumping in Coatesville.
July 10, 2016  Team Null's responds to serious crash in Daleville.
July 14, 2016  Rotator request to Fulton Twp for a sedan on the guard rail.
July 18, 2016  Commercial MVA sends dump truck into ravine, Atglen Boro.
July 26, 2016  Tractor trailer accident closes Lincoln Hwy for hours, Salisbury.
July 29, 2016   Loaded dump stuck and leaning on Gap Newport Pike, Atglen.
August 11, 2016    Sinkhole causes 67,000 pound drilling rig to roll, Paradise.
September 1, 2016   Loaded sand truck overturns on Route 272, W. Lampeter.
September 28, 2016   Cesspool collapses under loaded concrete mixer in Salisbury.
September 29, 2016  Commercial motor vehicle accident with fuel spill, Cochranville.
September 30, 2016   Commercial motor vehicle accident with spill in Sadsbury Twp.
October 15, 2016  Team Null's called to assist on one over the embankment in Atglen.
October 27, 2016  Tractor trailer jack knifes on Gap Newport Pike in West Fallowfield.
November 1, 2016      Tractor and trailer overturns while dumping in Wilmington, DE.
November 3, 2016  Tractor trailer carrying bagged mulch overturns in Salisbury Twp.
November 7, 2016    Roofers buggy collides with pole and overturns in Highland Twp.
November 9, 2016       Serious motor vehicle accident in New Castle County Delaware.
November 11, 2016  Friday proves to be a very busy day for everyone at Team Null's.
November 30, 2016     Busy morning at Route 10 and Gum Tree Road for Team Null's.
November 30, 2016      Loaded tractor trailer hung up on curb at Aunt Jennie's Diner.
December 1, 2016  Loaded tractor trailer runs off of the roadway on the Gap Bypass.
December 19, 2016     Tractor trailer loaded with trash overturns on the Gap Bypass.
December 16 and 17, 2016      Team Null's keeps busy with an action filled weekend.