November 28, 2017
Approximate time: 1444
Weather Conditions: Clear

Requested to respond to Route 272 and River Road in East Drumore Township for a serious commercial motor vehicle
accident involving a box truck that had struck a utility pole, overturned, and came to rest upright on an embankment with
major damages. We were advised that there was a large amount of dirt and vehicle parts on the roadway.

Based upon the information we were given, we immediately dispatched one of our sliding rotator recovery units, our
Landoll trailer, and contacted Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to assist with the clean-up.

Upon arrival, an Isuzu box truck was found to have been travelling south on Route 272 south of the River Road
intersection when it left the roadway, struck a utility pole,  reportedly overturned in mid air, coming to rest upright on an
embankment in danger of overturning facing northwest. The truck had major damage. The truck had travelled through
a row of shrubbery. The truck was sitting on top of the shrubbery. The back bumper was dug into the shoulder of the
roadway. This would require that the truck be lifted straight up rather then being drug down off the embankment to
prevent the asphalt from being ripped away from the road surface.

Our recovery operators performed a scene survey and established a recovery plan.

Once given the go ahead by the Investigation team, our crew began the recovery.

The sliding rotator recovery unit positioned beside the truck. The rotator was set-up on a work platform. The boom was
rotated clockwise to the front of the rotator. A spreader bar was rigged to one of the main boom winch lines and lifted
over top of the truck's box.

At this point, it was starting to get dark, one of our portable light towers was set-up to provide a safe work environment
for our personnel.

Straps were rigged down the side of the box to the truck's rear wheels. The second main boom winch line was rigged to
the front end of the truck. Extreme caution had to be used while rigging due to the precarious and unstable location in
which the truck came to rest on.  Additionally, the shrubbery the truck was sitting on top of made it extremely difficult to
rig the front end of the truck. The truck was slowly lifted off of the embankment and back to a level/upright position.
Once completely clear of the embankment, the truck was rotated back onto the roadway. Once on the roadway, the
truck was set onto our Landoll trailer. The truck was secured via a four point tie down. The loose truck parts were
secured. The rigging was unhooked from the truck and returned to its respective location. The spreader bar was set
back in its holder.

Our personnel then assisted Null's Recovery & Site Restoration with cleaning the remainder other pieces from the
roadway and the accident scene. Additionally, we assisted with sweeping the roadway.

Our equipment then cleared the scene. The damaged truck was transported from the accident scene to Null's of
Cochranville. Once at Null's, the truck was unloaded in our secure storage yard.