November 11, 2017
Approximate time: 1708
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted by the Chester County Police Radio Dispatch Center requesting us to respond immediately to Gap Newport
Pike and Fallowfield Road in West Fallowfield Township for a SUV that had been involved in an accident.

Upon arrival, found Honda CRV, that had left the roadway while attempting to turn from southbound Gap Newport Pike
onto northbound Fallowfield Road.  The SUV travelled down a rock embankment coming to rest with the front bumper
and radiator area impacted into the base of the embankment.  The undercarriage of the vehicle had several large rocks
pushing against it.  The vehicle appeared to have minor damage. There was concern of the vehicle being damaged if it
were winched up the embankment.  There was also concerns of the vehicle's gas tank, oil pan, and radiator being
compromised, they were unable to be inspected due to the rocks under the vehicle.

At that point, it was determined that in order to prevent any secondary damages, and to avoid any fluids from leaking
from the vehicle, that the vehicle would need to be lifted from the precarious location it was in.  One of  our long reach
sliding rotator recovery units, and a recovery supervisor were dispatched to the scene.

One of our portable light towers was set-up onscene to provide a safe work zone for our personnel operating onscene.

Upon arrival of the recovery supervisor, he met with the rollback operator and a recovery plan was established.  The
long reach sliding rotator recovery unit was positioned on Fallowfield Road in a manner in which one lane of traffic could
still pass the scene and that traffic flow on Gap Newport Pike was not interrupted.  The rotator was set-up on a work
platform.  The boom was rotated clockwise and the mast slid to the rear of the truck.   

Rigging was connected to the SUV’s wheels.  This rigging was then connected to a spreader bar which was connected
to one of the main boom winch lines on the long reach sliding rotator recovery unit.  A tag line was secured to the SUV
for safety purposes to ensure it was  controlled as it was being lifted.

The long reach sliding rotator recovery unit slowly lifted the vehicle from the precarious location it had came to rest in.  
Once the vehicle was lifted clear of the rocks, a visual inspection was done to make sure not fluids had leaked from the
vehicle or were currently leaking from the vehicle.  There did not appear to be any leaks from the vehicle.  

The vehicle was rotated back onto the roadway.  Once on the roadway, the vehicle was set directly onto the bed of the
rollback.  The vehicle was secured via a four point tie down.  The vehicle parts were cleaned up from the accident
scene.  The rotator was returned to travel position.  Our equipment and personnel then cleared the scene.   The vehicle
was transported from the scene to Null’s of Cochranville where it was placed in our secure storage yard.

Once back at our facility, the rigging that was utilized was inspected and returned to its respective location.  Our
equipment was made ready for the next call.