November 2, 2017
Approximate time: 1625
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Route 372 and Ridge Road in East Drumore Township for a trailer that was loaded with used
truck tires that the side walls, roof, and floor had buckled leaving the unit unable to move.  Photos were sent to our
recovery supervisor from the scene.

Based upon the information we were able to gather, along with the photos, we dispatched two of our heavy duty sliding
rotator recovery units, one of our truck tractors, one of our skid steer loaders, one of our flat top dollies, and contacted
Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene.

The skid steer loader and flat top dolly were loaded onto one of our rollbacks and transported to the scene.

Upon arrival, the 53' trailer was found to have buckled between the landing gear and the tandems.  Firepolice were
currently directing traffic one direction at a time via the westbound lane of Route 372.  They advised that additional fire
police were enroute and would soon be ready to close the roadway.  

It was determined that the trailer could be lifted, the flat top dolly placed underneath and be moved off of Route 372
onto Ridge Road, which is a much less travelled roadway, prior to being unloaded.  

The two rotators worked together to lift the buckled trailer. The skid steer placed the flat top dolly under the trailer once
it was lifted.  The trailer was lowered onto the dolly and secured.  NR&SR worked to cage the brakes on the trailer and
make it so that it would roll freely.  

The unit was then moved onto Ridge Road.  NR&SR swept the roadway, and picked up the trailer parts that fell off the
trailer when it collapsed.  

The rollback was placed between the damaged trailer and the replacement trailer to serve as a loading dock.  Personnel
from the trucking company, Quarryville Fire, and Team Null's worked to transfer the load of tires from the damaged
trailer and restack them in the replacement trailer.  

One of our portables light towers was set up to illuminate the scene.

Once the transfer was completed, the skid steer loader was loaded onto the rollback.  Several straps were placed over
the roof of the trailer to hold the roof and walls together.

The rollback and one of the rotators escorted the damaged trailer back to the customers yard.  The remainder of our
equipment cleared the scene as well.  Once at their yard, the flat top dolly was removed from under the damaged trailer
and loaded onto the rollback.