October 4, 2018

Contacted by Wayne's Towing regarding a Jeep Liberty that was reported to be in the Conewago Creek to the rear of
5251 West Canal Road, East Berlin PA.  We were requested to assist with the recovery.  We were advised that the Jeep
was not visible from land and was believed to be submerged in the creek.   Arrangements were made with a diving team
to respond to the scene, they were not able to respond until October 5, 2018.

October 5, 2018

Crews from Wayne's, the dive team, and Null's assembled onsite to begin locating and recovering the vehicle.  Crews
starting searching the area where the Jeep had last been seen.  The dive team entered the water.  Upon entering the
water, they were able to locate the Jeep several hundred feet down stream.  

While the dive team was locating the Jeep, our long reach sliding rotator recovery unit set-up in the driveway of the
residence.  The boom was slid to the rear of the truck to clear the corner of the house, the boom was also rotated
clockwise to line the winch line up with the clear spot on the creek-side.  The synthetic rope winch line was routed down
over the steep creek-side.

Extreme caution had to be used while routing the rigging, the creek-side was extremely steep and unstable.  There were
several logs and stumps on the creek-side.  Synthetic extensions were used to reach the Jeep.  A change of direction
pulley was placed at the creek bank so that the Jeep could be winched back upstream to the clearing in the creek-side
where the Jeep travelled to enter the creek.  In all, there was over 600 feet of rigging used to reach the Jeep.

With all rigging in place, the rotator began to tension the lines.  The rigging was checked at all connection points to
ensure that all connections were properly made.  Once this was confirmed, crews were positioned at different areas
along the recovery path with radios to allow communication between all crews involved.  The rotator then began to winch
the Jeep upstream.  Crews had to re-rig several times to get the Jeep to the creek bank.  Once at the
creek bank, the change of direction was removed.  The rotator then began winching the Jeep
up the steep creek-side.  

The Jeep had to be navigated around several stumps and large logs coming up the creek-side. Once the Jeep was to
the yard, it was re-rigged to be winched around several different trees.  Several different change of directions had to
take place to keep the Jeep from hitting any of the trees, the well for the property, and other obstacles in the yard.  
Once the Jeep was to the driveway, all of the rigging was removed.  The rotator was returned to travel position.  The
rigging was loaded into the rotator to be transported back to our facility for cleaning and inspection.   

Once back at our facility, all of the rigging was unloaded.  The rigging was pressure washed to remove the dirt and mud
from it.  It was then inspected as it was hung to dry.  All rigging was found to be in good condition.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the team effort to recover this vehicle.  It was our pleasure working with each
and every company, and our honor to have been called to assist.