October 3, 2018
Approximate time: 10:58 am
Weather Conditions: Sunny

Called by PSP Avondale for a tractor and trailer at Limestone Rd & Ewing Rd. The information given was that the trailer was
broken in half and had a load weighing approximately 34,000 lbs. With the information given, a heavy duty sliding rotator
recovery unit was dispatched to the scene immediately while support equipment was loaded for transport.

Upon arrival, a Kenworth tractor pulling a loaded 53' van trailer was found to have been travelling northbound on Route 10
from Herr Foods towards Route 41, when there was a major failure in the trailer's structural integrity, causing the trailer to fold
in the middle. The landing gear and underside of the trailer were dragging the roadway. Ewing Road was blocked by the unit.

It was determined that in order to clear the roadway in a timely manner, the trailer would need to be lifted in the middle where
the trailer was broken from both sides and supported to be transported out of the roadway to a location where it could be  

A second heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit, our flat top dolly, skid steer loader, and service truck all also responded to
the scene.

The two heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units worked to place rigging under the belly of the trailer so that the trailer could
be lifted. Aluminum angle irons were put in place under the floor and side rails to prevent the trailer from further failing, which
would allow the load to spill out onto the roadway. Once the rigging was in place, the two rotators worked to lift the trailer up
off the roadway into a position that the flat top dolly could be put under the center of the trailer.

With the trailer now lifted, the skid steer loader was used to put the flat top dolly in place under the trailer. The dolly was
chained in place and the trailer lowered onto the dolly. Additional chains and straps were connected from the dolly to the  
trailer. Air was connected from the trailer to the dolly so that the air bags on the dolly could be inflated to the proper pressure
to support the trailer's floor and load.

The two rotators were returned to travel position. The rigging that was used was removed  and inspected. The rigging was
then returned to its respective location.

One of our operators then drove the Kenworth tractor and damaged trailer from the above location to our facility where it was
backed into the loading dock. The truck was disconnected from the trailer so that it could go get a replacement trailer for the
load to be transferred into. The load was removed from the trailer and staged at the dock to await the replacement trailer's
arrival. Once the damaged trailer was unloaded, it was placed in our storage yard, lifted, and the flat top dolly was removed
out from under the trailer.  Once the replacement trailer arrived, the load was re-loaded into the replacement trailer and
continued onto it's destination.