September 18, 2017
Approximate time: 1833
Weather conditions: Clear

Contacted by the Chester County 911 Center requesting us to respond to Quarry Road in the area of Moscow Road in
West Sadsbury Township for an accident involving an overturned trailer loaded with shingles that were spilled on the
roadway.  We were advised that the trailer had a hydraulic oil spill on the roadway.

With the information we were given, we immediately dispatched a recovery supervisor, one of our rotator recovery units,
one of our skid steer loaders, and a rollback to transport the trailer once upright.  Additionally, we contacted Null's
Recovery & Site Restoration to have them respond for the spill clean up and for one of their dump trailers for the spilled

Upon arrival, a roofing buggy was found to have left the roadway, struck a utility pole, overturned, spilling it's load of
shingles on the roadway, the trailer came to rest laying on its side with part of the load still sitting on top of the fold out

The fire department was onscene and had the road barricaded off.

The electric lines and pole were down in close proximity to the trailer.

It was determined that the trailer would need to be recovered prior to PECO being able to perform the replacement work
of the pole and transformer.

One of our portable light towers was set-up in order to provide scene lighting for a safe work environment for our

Null's Recovery & Site Restoration immediately began containing the hydraulic oil spill and the gas that was leaking out
of the engine.

The rotator recovery unit was backed into position and set up on a work platform.

Rigging was connected to the buggy so that it could be lifted straight up off of it's side and then rolled back to an upright
position in mid air all while containing as much of the load as possible in order to reduce the amount of clean-up that
would be required.

The trailer was lifted back to an upright position and set onto its wheels.  

The rigging was removed and returned to its respective location.  The rotator was returned to the travel position.

The buggy was loaded onto one of the rollbacks and secured via a four point tie down.  The covers were strapped in
place in order to ensure that the load that was still in the trailer did not fall out during transport.

Our skid steer loader and personnel then worked with Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to clean up the load of
shingles along with the fluids that had leaked out of the buggy.

Once the scene was cleaned up and returned to pre-accident conditions, our equipment cleared.  The damaged buggy
was transported to our Cochranville location.  NR&SR transported their dump trailer containing the shingles that had
spilled from the buggy back to our facility as well.