September 11, 2018
Approximate time: 0534
Weather Conditions: Dense fog, light rain

Contacted to respond to Zion Hill Road and Zook Road in West Sadsbury Township for an owners request of a
Freightliner Vac truck that had just overturned.   

Based upon the information we were given, we immediately dispatched two of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery
units to the scene and contacted Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene.  

Upon arrival, it was found that the truck was travelling on Zook Road from the Zion Hill Road  intersection towards the
Route 41 intersection when it left the right side of the roadway, crashing through high tension electric fence, and
overturning on it's right side.  The truck came to rest in a creek.  The ground was very soft from all of the recent rains.  
The truck appeared to have moderate damage including damage to the frame and front axle.  It was noticed that the
tank was broke away from the truck's frame.  There was an active hydraulic leak from the truck's hydraulic tank.  There
was also oil leaking out of the engine compartment.  

Two of our portable light towers were set-up to provide a safer work environment. Once we were given the go ahead by
the Pennsylvania State Trooper who was onscene, we began to recover the truck from the creek back to an upright
position on the roadway.  Rigging was connected to the overturned truck.  The two rotators were set-up on work
platforms.  The driveline was removed from the truck.  Their booms were rotated and the winch lines hooked to the
rigging.  Our operators donned their wireless communication headsets for scene safety.

The two rotators worked to together to lift the truck back to an upright position.  Once upright, additional rigging was
connected to lift the back end of the truck up out of the creek and set it onto the roadway.  The same process was then
repeated at the front end of the truck.  With the truck now back on the roadway, all of the rigging was removed and
inspected.  The rigging was returned to its respective location.

One of the rotators hooked to the truck to tow it from the scene.  The truck was towed from the accident scene to the
customers facility to have the tools and equipment removed.  The truck was then towed to Null's of Cochranville