August 13, 2018
Approximate time: 0919
Weather Conditions: Rain

Contacted to respond to Paradise Lane in the area of Herr Road and Ronks Road for an overturned loaded cattle
truck.  We were advised that the truck was overturned in a creek.

We immediately dispatched one of our sliding rotator recovery units to the scene.  Upon arrival, a Ford F-550 dual rear
wheel cattle truck was found to have been travelling on Paradise Lane and attempted to enter South Ronks Road when
it left the roadway and overturned on its passenger side.  The vehicle came to rest in the creek with water entering the
engine compartment, cab, and cargo area.  The water was several feet deep on our arrival, a heavy line of storms had
just move through the area causing the water levels to be elevated.  The truck was hauling three cows at the time of the
accident, and due to how the truck came to rest, the cows could not be off-loaded until after the truck was uprighted and
recovered back onto the roadway.

One of our heavy duty rollbacks was requested to the scene to assist with recovering the truck back onto the roadway
and to then haul the truck from the scene once it was recovered. The rotator recovery unit was moved into position and
set-up on a work platform.  The boom was rotated counter clockwise.  Rigging was connected to the front and rear of
the Ford.  The truck was lifted enough that a strap could be placed under the body portion of the truck.  The truck was
lifted back to an upright and level position.  The rollback arrived onscene and rigged to the back of the truck to winch it
backwards towards the roadway while the rotator continued to hold it upright.  Once the back axle of the truck was on
the roadway, the rotator re-rigged to lift the entire front end of the truck out of the creek and bring it onto the roadway
as the rollback continued to winch the truck backwards.

The truck was recovered back onto the roadway with no additional damages.  

The truck was loaded onto the rollback and secured via a four point tie down to be transported off of the main road to a
place that it could safely be unloaded without requiring the roadway to be shut down any longer.  The rotator was
returned to travel position.  The rigging that was utilized was inspected and returned to its respective location.   

The truck was transported from the accident scene to a nearby side road where the cattle could be transferred to
another truck that was now onscene.  The rotator responded to this location as well to assist with the transfer and traffic  
control.  Once the cattle were transferred to the replacement truck, the damaged Ford was transported back to our
Cochranville facility where it was off-loaded in our secure storage facility.