August 13, 2018
Approximate time: 10:43 pm
Weather Conditions: Light rain

Contacted by the Pennsylvania State Police requesting us to respond to Route 10 at the Route 1 bypass in Lower
Oxford Township for a tractor trailer that was stuck on the guard rail and had a fuel leak. Based upon the information we
were given, we immediately dispatched one of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units and contacted Null's
Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene.

Upon arrival, a Peterbilt tractor pulling a van trailer loaded with potatoes was found to have struck the center guard rail
that divides the on and off ramp for Route 1 southbound at Route 10. The tractor portion of the unit was straddling the
guard rail with one of the posts puncturing the driver's side fuel tank.

Our operator requested that a heavy duty wrecker and a truck tractor be dispatched to the scene as well.

The tank still had fuel in it. The shut off from the passenger side tank had been shut off but it did not appear to be
holding. The tractor also had two tires that were punctured by the guard rail posts. The fuel had leaked from the tank
and ran down the ramp causing a major spill. Due to the significance of the spill, our equipment would not be able to
move into place to remove the tractor trailer until the spill was contained and the are where our equipment would need
to set-up was covered with absorbents.

Our equipment staged at the end of the exit/entrance ramps and our personnel assisted NR&SR with containing the fuel

Once the spill was contained, our equipment was moved into place to lift the tractor trailer off of the guard rail so that the
fuel spill could be cleaned up from underneath the truck. Extreme caution had to be used to prevent any additional fuel
from spilling from the truck's ruptured fuel tank. They heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit was positioned on the
ramp from Route 1 southbound to Route 10 facing the wrong direction. It was set-up on a work platform. The boom was
rotated counter clockwise. A spreader bar was rigged to one of the main boom winch lines. The spreader bar was
placed over top of the front of the tractor portion of the unit. Rigging was connected from the spreader bar to the truck's
front wheels. With the rigging in place, the rotator tensioned the rigging and all connections were checked.

While this was being done, the heavy duty wrecker rigged to the back of the tractor to winch it sideways and backwards
as the rotator lifted the tractor.

Our operators donned their wireless communication headsets.

The rotator and wrecker worked together to lift the fully loaded unit off of the guard rail, rotate the front out back into the
lane and winch the truck and trailer sideways, away from the rail. This process was completed without any further fuel
leakage. Once the truck was clear of the guard rail, the heavy duty wrecker hooked to the front of the tractor to move it
out of the area where the spill was. Our tractor hooked to the fully loaded trailer to move it out of the area where the spill
was as well.

Once the truck was in a safe location, NR&SR pumped the remaining fuel from the truck. Our personnel worked to
continue to assist NR&SR with spreading absorbents on the area where the tractor trailer had been sitting on top of the
guard rail, sweeping, and picking up the absorbents from the road. The truck parts that were knocked off by the rail
were picked up.

The truck and trailer were transported from the accident scene to our Cochranville facility where they were placed in our
secure storage yard.  After the DOT Inspection was complete, the trailer and load of potatoes were transported to a
local processing facility.