The team has been keeping pretty busy over the last two weeks responding to multiple incidents, transporting
equipment, and towing disabled vehicles.  Here are a few of the highlights:
T8 with TL10 and T7 with TL9 transporting a paver and roller from Furlong PA to King Of Prussia.
S16 transporting a tri-axle tractor from Camp Hill to Atglen.
T7 and TL9 doing an onsite move of a large milling machine.
R6 responded to one of the local airports and lifted a jet that had a landing gear malfunction.
R6 responded to Lower Oxford Township for a tractor trailer that had struck the guard rail and became stuck.  The
loaded trailer was lifted and set back onto the roadway.  The unit was able to continue to its destination.
T7 and TL9 transporting an off-road dump truck from Lancaster to Malvern.
T7 and TL9 transporting a paver from Newtown Square to King of Prussia.
T8 and TL10 transporting a rubber tired excavator from Philadelphia to Lancaster.
C27 responded to Atglen for a camper that the power unit had a hitch malfunction.  The camper was delivered to and
put in place at its camp site.
T8 and TL10 transporting a rubber tired excavator from Atglen to Philadelphia.
S15 transporting a disabled tractor from Philadelphia to Lancaster.
T8 and TL10 transporting an oversized paver from Lebanon County to Denver.
T7 and TL10 transporting a mill from Furlong PA to Stowe PA.
R7 and C25 responded to West Grove for an overturned roofing buggy.  The buggy was uprighted and transported to
the manufacture to be inspected before being returned to service.
R6 responded to Lincoln University for a stuck tractor trailer that was completely blocking Baltimore Pike.
R6 and T8 returning from a State Police call.
C24 responded to the Route 1 bypass in Upper Oxford Township for a vehicle accident.  The vehicles fuel tank was
damaged in the collision.  Null's Recovery & Site Restoration assisted with the mitigation of this incident.  The wheel
loader was used to unload the vehicle at our facility so that it could be placed in a containment area in the event that
additional fluids leaked from the vehicle.