August 5, 2017

We were contacted by one of our customers back in March regarding moving a 10,000 gallon fuel tank from one site of
their facility to a new site on the facility.  We were advised that they were looking to complete the move mid summer and
on a Saturday so that it would have a minimal impact on their companies operations.

With all of the necessary site work and preparations completed, the move was scheduled for August 5.  We were
requested to be onsite at 0730.

Trucks R5 and T8 with TL6 arrived on location and went over the specifics of the move.

The tanks railing and ladder assembly were first removed and placed for transport to the new site.  The 10,000 gallon
tank was then rigged and lifted out of the dike that it currently sat in.  The tank was set onto TL6 and secured.  The
rigging was removed.  The tank was then transported to the new site.  

Once at the new site, the tank was lifted and set in place in the new dike area.