August 2, 2017
Approximate time: 1426
Weather Conditions: Rain

Contacted to respond to Route 41 south of Cochranville for a loaded dump truck that was on fire. Very limited
information was available as the driver had just called in and said the truck had just burst into flames.

A few minutes later we were advised that it was in the area of Route 41 and Route 796 in Londonderry Township.

We dispatched one of our heavy duty wreckers to the scene along with Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to the scene
for the spill clean-up.

One of our recovery supervisors arrived on location moments later and advised that it was a Peterbilt dump truck
carrying approximately 24 tons of 2A modified stone. The truck's engine compartment, cab, and fuel tanks were on fire.

The fire department was able to quickly knock a bulk of the fire. There was fuel, oil, and coolant running down the
roadway. The fire department had the roadway completely blocked, however, all parties onscene wanted to reopen one
lane to allow traffic to flow as Route 41 was already backed up several miles in each direction.

A second heavy duty wrecker was requested to the scene to serve as a blocker truck to provide a safe work area for our
personnel onscene once the roadway was reopened to one lane.

Once the fire was knocked and under control, the roadway was re-opened to one lane.  Traffic control equipment was
put in place and the heavy duty wrecker positioned to block the scene.

One of the heavy duty wreckers lifted the front of the severely burnt dump truck so that it could hook to the front end to
tow it from the scene.

The air system on the truck was burnt, the brakes were caged so that the truck could be moved. The driveline was

Several loose parts were secured via straps.

The truck's steerable lift axle was chained up to prevent it from dragging.

The truck was moved forward so that clean up of the roadway could take place.

Secondary attachments and wireless towlights were installed on the dump truck.

There were several hot spots in the truck, NR&SR worked with the fire department utilizing their gas powered saw to
open up various areas of the truck for final extinguishment of the fire.

NR&SR worked to clean the roadway along with pump the fuel and oil from the truck's tanks which had the tops burnt off
of them.

Once the fluids were pumped and the roadway cleaned, our personnel cleared the scene.

The loaded dump truck was towed back to our Cochranville location.

It was requested that the load of stone be off-loaded. Due to it being after hours, it was determined that the load would
be off-loaded on 8/3/17.

The burnt dump truck was placed in our secure storage yard and unhooked from.

Earlier in the day, R5 loaded a Cat telescopic forklift that had a small electrical fire onto a trailer so that it could be
transported for repairs.