July 29, 2017
Approximate time: 0829
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted by the Pennsylvania State Police Avondale Barracks requesting us to respond to 232 South Lenover Road in
Highland Township for a vehicle that was off the roadway in a creek.  We were requested to respond with a rollback and
one of our long reach sliding rotator recovery units.

A few moments later we were called back and placed on stand-by as the insurance company was reportedly attempting
to make other arrangements.

At 0859, we were advised that we were to respond to the scene to handle the recovery of the vehicle.

Upon arrival, a Saturn was found to have left the roadway, went down over the embankment and came to rest upright in
the creek approximately 45' off the roadway.

The vehicle suffered significant damage from the collision.

The township emergency management coordinator was onscene to ensure that no fluids from the vehicle entered the

The long reach sliding rotator recovery unit was set-up on a work platform. The boom was rotated clockwise and

Rigging was connected to the cars wheels and front suspension.  The long reach sliding rotator recovery unit cautiously
lifted the car out of the creek to ensure that the oil pan and gas tank were not compromised.  

The car was lifted with no further issues and loaded onto the vehicle owner's trailer for transportation from the scene.