July 1, 2016
Approximate time: 0941
Weather conditions: Clear

This morning we were contacted to respond to Coatesville for an overturned tractor and trailer at one of the scrap yards.

With the information obtained by our dispatcher, we immediately dispatched two of our heavy duty sliding rotators to the

Upon arrival, our operators found a Kenworth W900 and a frameless dump trailer that had rolled over while dumping the
load of scrap metal.  Crews on-site had emptied the remainder of the scrap prior to our arrival.

A scene survey was performed.  

There was minimal damage to the truck and to the trailer.

Due to the concrete barrier that was in front of the tractor, the decision was made to upright the unit with the bed up.

One of the heavy duty sliding rotator was used to upright and catch tractor, the other heavy duty sliding rotator was
used to upright and catch the trailer to keep the hydraulic cylinder in alignment.  

Once upright, the hydraulics were switched to dump so the trailer could be lowered.  The trailer was lowered back down
into the saddles.  

Due to the very limited amount of damage to the unit, and no visible damage to the frame or suspension components,
the unit was able to be driven from the scene.