June 27, 2017
Approximate time: 0559
Weather conditions: Clear

Contacted by the Pennsylvania State Police Avondale Barracks requesting us to respond for a sedan after a vehicle
accident on Route 41 at Fallowfield Road in West Fallowfield Township.  We were advised that the vehicle was off the
roadway and down in a 10 foot deep ditch.

Being familiar with the area, we dispatched one of our long reach sliding rotator recovery units along with a rollback to
the scene.

Upon arrival, our lead operator requested that Null's Recovery & Site Restoration be dispatched to the scene to assist
with traffic control as the shoulder and southbound lane of Route 41 would need to be shut down while the recovery was
performed.  A Volkswagen was found to have been travelling south on Fallowfield Road and failed to navigate the turn
at the approach to the intersection of Fallowfield Road and Route 41.  The vehicle struck several small trees, travelled
through a thick area of brush, into the corn field, coming to rest sitting perpendicular to Route 41 approximately 100'
south of the intersection in the waterway.

The vehicle had minor body damage, however left a trail of undercarriage parts in it's path of travel.

While waiting for NR&SR to place the traffic control equipment, the vehicle was rigged to be lifted out of the ditch.  
Straps were placed through the wheels.  These straps were connected to "Latta Loops" which would then be connected
to a spreader bar.

Upon arrival of NR&SR, traffic control equipment was placed in order to shift southbound traffic from the southbound
lane to the center turning lane to allow room for the rotator recovery unit to set up on the shoulder of the roadway.  

Extreme care would have to be used during the initial lift of the vehicle, as the gas tank was resting on top of large rip
rap size rocks.  If the vehicle were to shift, one of the rocks could easily puncture the gas tank causing a spill into the

The rotator recovery unit was setup on a work platform.  A spreader bar was rigged to one of the main boom winch
lines.  The boom was rotated and the spreader bar placed over top of the vehicle.  The rigging was connected to the
spreader bar.  A tag line was placed in order to provide for a controlled lift.

The rigging was tensioned and inspected for proper connections.

The vehicle was slowly lifted straight up off of the rock bank to ensure no further damages were caused to the
undercarriage.  Once the vehicle was lifted, it was rotated back over top of the roadway and set directly onto the
awaiting rollback.  The vehicle was secured via a four point tie down.  The rigging was disconnected from the rotator
recovery unit.  The spreader bar was paced back into it's holder.

Our personnel worked with NR&SR to clean the vehicle parts and debris out of the waterway, the area of brush, and
trees that the vehicle travelled through.  Our personnel then assisted NR&SR with picking up the traffic control
equipment and returning it to it's respective locations.

Our equipment then cleared the scene.  The vehicle was transported from the accident scene to Null's of Cochranville.  
Once at Null's, the vehicle was unloaded in our secure storage yard and the battery disconnected.

The rigging that was utilized was inspected and returned to its respective location.  Our equipment was made ready for
the next call.