June 2, 2018
Approximate time: 1615
Weather Conditions: Rain

Contacted by Wayne's Towing to respond to Owl Bridge Road in Millersville PA to assist with recovering a Chevy HHR
that had been swept away in the flood waters. The vehicle was occupied at the time when it was swept away.  Rescuers
had to remove the driver from the vehicle.  It was requested that we respond with our long reach sliding rotator recovery
unit to lift the vehicle from the precarious location it came to rest in.

Upon arrival, the vehicle was found to be on top of a tree and on the opposite side of the creek from where access was
able to be made.  

The rotator recovery unit was backed into position and set-up on a work platform.  The boom was extended and rotated
counter clockwise.  Rigging was connected to the vehicle.

During the rigging process another line of storms moved through the area further complicating the situation.

The vehicle was lifted from the precarious location that it had come to rest without further damage to the environment or
the vehicle.  Once lifted clear, the vehicle was set back onto the roadway so it could be transported from the scene by